Solar panel systems are made of a mounting system, a solar inverter and a controller. The main motive behind solar panel installation is to produce DC electricity sourced directly from sunlight. With sustainability being the new trend, many people have switched from traditional to solar energy sources. With the help of renowned companies, solar panel installation in Crawley is now an easy task.

You’ll find solar panels being installed on the roof of the property. The inverter, which is attached to the panel, converts the DC into AC electricity and distributes the same. Before installing solar panels, the conditions of the roads are checked. While most roofs have the specifications required for panel installation, there are others where installation is not possible.

It would be best to ensure that no objects block the panel’s access to the sun. To know more about the process of panel installation, read on.

How is Solar Panel Installation Done?

Prepare a Scaffold

Since the installation will be done on the roof, fixing a scaffold is necessary. The installers will use the same to access the roof and install the panel accordingly.

Install the Solar Mounts

Firstly the mounting system is set up on the roof. This is the base where the panel will be installed. The mount should have a tilting feature so that it can be moved towards the sun’s angle.

Install the Solar Panels

Set up the panels on the mounts. The panel will be installed on the mounting structure with nuts and bolts so that the panel stays stable.

Install Wires in Panels

The next step involves wiring up the panel. The best-suited connectors with high power capacity are used for wiring the solar panel. Ensure you use the best quality wire as electricity will be transmitted through the same.

Install the Inverter

Finally, the inverter and the battery are connected to the panel. It is generally preferable to keep the inverters inside. If you don’t have the option, keep them outdoors and away from the sun. The battery is inserted into the inverter to make it used even without sunlight.

Connect the Inverter to the Consumer Unit

This is the final step, where the inverter generates electricity for the consumer unit. The same is passed throughout the facility.

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