Global electric vehicles are growing strong, and more than 5 million new battery-run electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid cars will be delivered within the 1st half of 2022, which is an increase of about 60% compared to the same time in 2021.

The electric network is too far and wide. However, a few parts of the EV grid are set up to support the cheapest battery storage in Crawley. With large electric vehicle batteries and a growing need for fast EV charging stations being installed, you can have more access to power.

How Battery Storage Is Beneficial?

  • Reduce EV Charging Costs with Battery Storage: The battery energy charge will shift the charging to times when the power is cheap or excess, which will further help reduce the overall energy cost used for charging the EVs. The battery is charged when electricity is cheap and discharged at high times when the price is higher. This provides a competitive benefit as you are paying less for the energy than the EV charging stations. It can be more competitive in pricing to attract more EV drivers or enhance profitability.
  • Reduce the Demand Charges: You are generally charged consumption in kWh from the utility company; you will often be charged for the peak charge usage in Kw. This is the total amount of power you draw from the electric grid in any 15-minute time. The cheapest battery storage in Crawley will help reduce demand charges through peak times by storing the electricity at low demand and releasing it when the EV charging stations are working.
  • Improve Reliability and Resilience: Battery storage offers backup for charging stations during power outages or energy disruptions. Thus, ensuring EVs are easily charged even when the grid is unavailable. It is important during emergencies and evacuation times that the government and municipalities should ensure the use of good-quality charging units that can work during these events.
  • Increase the EV Charging Capacity: The battery energy storage will increase the charge capacity of the charging station. It helps store electricity when the demand is too low and releases it when it is too high. It will help avoid overloading the grid and reduce the need for expensive grid improvement.

The battery energy storage will store the excessive renewable energy generated by solar, wind or water and release it when the power is required at EV charging stations.

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