Many homeowners often find it confusing to decide whether to invest in solar panels. With the increasing environmental degradation, switching to natural resources is a necessity indeed. Having solar battery storage in Horley from a reliable company can make you energy independent. Let’s dive deeper into the subject below in this blog.

Why Should You Invest In Solar Battery Storage Systems?

First, let us explain solar battery storage.

What is a solar battery storage system?

Solar battery storage is an energy storage technology that can be used in conjunction with solar panels. It helps in storing electricity collected during the day time. Homeowners can use this energy as and when required.

Generally, these batteries are developed using lead-acid or lithium-ion. They can store the electricity that your solar panels generate throughout the day. Lithium-ion batteries are more efficient as they have a large capacity and deliver fast charging.

How Solar Battery Storage Works?

Solar battery systems are designed to capture and store direct current electricity produced by solar panels. The batteries can store them as chemical potential and convert them back to usable alternative current electricity when required. This stored electricity can illuminate homes, businesses or even be fed back into the grid.

Let’s move forward to explore solar self-consumption.

What is self-consumption?

Self-consumption is directly associated with the solar panel concept and functionality. Solar panels aim to help homeowners become self-sufficient in electricity generation. When the sun shines, homeowners can meet their consumption requirements during the daytime through household appliances. But, when you don’t have a battery storage system, you will depend on energy suppliers for all your consumption needs.

But you can fix this problem by using batteries when your solar panels cannot produce green energy.

Why is it worth investing in a solar battery storage system?

Optimising the use of self-generated green electricity: Solar panels are eco-friendly as they produce 100% renewable energy. But remember that this energy source depends completely on the time of the day. Battery storage increases self-consumption by 50%.

Save Money: Though you can reduce your energy consumption with a standard solar PV system throughout the day, during the night, you can use your solar battery storage without any extra cost.

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