If you are thinking of going solar, you need to know first whether your home fits it.

Is installing solar affordable? Is my roof suitable to have solar panels? Will the solar panels generate enough power for my home? Who manufactures the best solar panels and batteries?

Here are some of the key questions to ask yourself before planning to install solar panels in Horley homes.

Key Questions to Ask Yourself Before Installing Solar Panel

  • How Much Is Your Current Energy Bill?

Knowing how much you are paying for the energy bill is the first step to evaluating whether your home is prepared for solar panel installation.

The main question is, how much will you save after solar panels? In some parts of the world, electricity is very affordable. Hence, it would help if you calculated how much money you can save in the future and then install the solar panels.

  • What Type Of Roof Are You Having?
Solar panels will work best for durable and strong roofing structures. Solar panels are best on composite, asphalt shingle, and concrete tile. If you have a roofing structure made up of wooden shake or slate tile or roofs made up of clay or mortar, you must consult with the installation company first.
  • Do You Need to Replace the Roof for Installation?

It is always a good idea to replace the roof close to its end before installing solar panels. Installations last for 40 years or so.

Hence, once you install a solar panel, you cannot remove the roof. As per the experts, the solar panels need to be installed on roofs in good condition.

  • How Much Sunlight Your Roof Is Receiving?

To know whether your home is a good candidate to go solar, try out the solar panel sustainability checker, a tool you can get online that will help you to know how much sunlight the roof is getting. Or else, you can call an expert who will visit the site and estimate the same.

  • What Is The Current Local Climate?

Solar energy can be generated in all climates, from rainy to hot, sunny places. The solar suitability tool will help you know how it can affect the solar energy in your home. High-end solar panels can convert direct or indirect sunlight to electricity. So, they even work on cloudy days.

If you are clear with all these queries, the next step is to call an expert who will see the current condition of your roof and provide a free estimate regarding solar panel installation.

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