Consumer Unit

Consumer Unit

Consumer units also commonly referred to as fuse boxes are a fundamental part of the electrical installation in any property and its safety. A consumer unit supplies and protects the entire electrical installation in your home, so it is of great importance that this is kept up to date for many reasons.

It’s important to understand the ‘current health’ of your consumer unit, and how capable it may be of protecting your home should a problem develop.
Making sure your home is electrically safe is our priority, we offer affordable electrical condition reporting for homeowners and landlords.

Not all electrical faults are obvious, so when buying, selling or letting a domestic property it’s always a good idea to get it professionally checked over.

Blue Electric is able to offer a professional, affordable and reliable service to upgrade your old consumer unit, please contact us for a free quotation or book your replacement consumer unit online now!

Q: How do I know my consumer unit needs upgrading?

A: Basically speaking, any consumer unit without an RCD needs an upgrade. This doesn’t always mean a whole new consumer unit so it is essential you speak to a registered, qualified electrician who can decide what needs to be done. Consumer units with wooden backs almost always need replacing as these can often date back to the 1950’s – a lot has changed since then!

Q: How to check if your fusebox has RCD protection

A: Look for a button with T or test on your consumer unit. This indicates if an RCD is present. Don’t forget to press the button to make sure your RCD is working as it should be. If it does not activate (turn off your power) or you have any concerns about it, then consult a qualified and registered electrician asap.

Consumer units, like fire alarms, need to be tested regularly to ensure they are working as they should be. Remember they are there to protect you from electrical harm.

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