The accumulating environmental concerns and the rising costs of energy bills are pushing more and more people towards greener and more energy-efficient solutions. However, choosing the right solar PV for your home could be a rather daunting business. That is where we are going to help you out as the leading provider of battery storage in Crawley. There are many different types of solar systems, including grid-tied solar systems, off-grid solar systems, and hybrid solar systems, which combine the elements of the two. Let’s take a deep dive into what factors you need to consider when you are choosing your residential solar PV.

Five factors to consider when choosing the right solar system

When you are looking for a suitable solar system, you need to take into account several factors to ensure it meets your specific needs and preferences.

Energy Consumption
The first of these factors is, of course, your household’s overall energy consumption pattern. You need to assess this overall energy consumption pattern to make informed decision about choosing a solar panel. You need to consider past energy consumption and peak usage times to estimate the appropriate capacity.
The Stability of the Roof
The second factor to take into account would be the stability of the roof structure. You should consistently evaluate the orientation and slope of your roof to ensure it receives the maximum sunlight exposure. We recommend south-facing roofs with minimal shading for your solar panel installations.
The Efficiency of the Solar Panel
The next consideration to make would be the efficiency of the solar panels. This factor plays a crucial role in their performance. The high-efficiency panels tend to generate more electricity and require less roof space. It makes them a practical choice for smaller properties.
Warranty and Maintenance
When you are installing a solar panel, check the warranty and maintenance. You should buy solar panels from only the reputed manufacturers to ensure the longevity and efficiency of the overall system.
Budget and Financing
Solar panels can significantly vary in cost. The price also tends to vary depending on various factors. Hence, you should explore a plethora of financing options, including solar loans and leasing agreements, to find the fitting solution that aligns with your budget.

Therefore, you need to juggle with all the above-mentioned factors to determine the best solar PV for your residential setting. Blue Electric Contractors Ltd. can help you with finding the best solar PV for your residential setup.